Procomp specialise in logistics planning and optimisation, and are pioneers in bringing advanced logistics planning tools and methods to tackle the challenges of delivering quality care in the community. We provide solutions for homecare and other types of community care.

Our community care planning software benefits from our world-class logistics optimisation technology and has been specifically developed for the needs of delivering quality care in the community.

Planning technology and methods developed from the logistics domain provide opportunities for new ways of organising and working. Since 2011, our experts have worked with care providers and funding authorities to enable them to benefit from these opportunities and meet their strategic goals.

Delivering quality care is becoming increasingly challenging with an ageing population, limited budgets and a shortage of workers. Changes are needed, but what changes?

There are often systemic and organisational factors limiting community care quality and efficiency. Procomp experts have a wealth of experience and use our unique smart planning tools to model alternative scenarios and enable informed decisions to be made.

We refer to this as Strategic Optimisation since it enables organisations to meet strategic goals by making structural changes and changes to ways of working.

The motivation could be to increase quality, business performance and productivity, or staff satisfaction. The result is often an improvement in all of these areas.

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R2 Optimiser is cloud-based software for planning homecare and other types of community-based care. It uses Procomp’s intelligent planning technology to not only automate the planning process, but also enable better plans to be made.Planning community care is a hugely complex task; with only 5 workers and 25 visits there are more permutations for organising the work than there are atoms in the known universe. Using traditional tools the planning process is essentially manual and coordinators spend huge amounts of time producing a plan and then trying to update it to account for changes. Because of the time taken coordinators are usually forced settle for the first plan they produce and are unable to evaluate the vast number of potentially better alternatives.

Procomp R2 optimiser uses specialised algorithms and artificial intelligence to solve the analytically demanding task of creating schedules, freeing coordinators to work with more human tasks. Taking the needed visits, available workers and planning preferences it is able to intelligently evaluate a vast number of alternatives in a short time to produce efficient, workable schedules.

Our software is smart enough to not only consider the past, but also the future; Base Plans can be created for the upcoming period (typically 7 to 28 days). This provides a view of the upcoming staffing needs and enables the software to create higher quality plans which factor in continuity of care to a higher degree.

Daily plans provide schedules for the workers and may be quickly updated to account for any changes, large or small.

The human coordinator is always in control and may quickly fine-tune or re-plan, either manually or by making changes to care plans, staffing or planning preferences.

Data can be imported and exported in common formats, including Excel, CSV and XML to enable quick set up and interoperation with other systems.

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Integrate the power of our intelligent planning and optimisation engine into your solution to provide additional value for your customers.

Our smart planning optimisation engine is available via a web API, ready to integrate into your solution. An SDK is available which includes documentation, sample code and demo data to illustrate how to use the service.

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