Municipality re-organised its home care service structure

We had a question to resolve. How to plan for the future and to meet the growing home care service needs with the existing resources? In order to change the home care structures, good arguments are required as well as the active participation of the staff to carry out the change.

With R2 optimiser we were able to view various options in support of work organisation and planning, which were calculated directly from the care and service plans for our customers. It was easy to select from them an optimal team size as well as work hours in order to balance the peaks. This also made it possible to allocate the skills of workers purposefully.

Our objective is to contribute to the welfare of employees. Employees themselves proposed reduction in the number of teams and increase in their size. We made a transference from three teams into two, and at the same time were able to change the staff structure to match the customer needs.”

Service Manager Päivi Laukkanen,
Chief Inspector Rauni Väänänen-Sainio, City of Oulu

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