Homecare provider faced with 35% budget cut


  • Large local employer closed causing a loss of local tax revenues: Homecare budget cut by 35%
  • Structural changes needed to continue delivering the same level of homecare service with a significantly reduced budget


  • Strategic Optimisation carried out with R2 to support informed decision-making. Scenarios were modeled to demonstrate the effect of changes to care package design, work patterns and team structures
  • As a result of Strategic Optimisation several changes were made:
    • Time flexibility of some visits was increased by 30 minutes
    • Work patterns changed: Some work shifts start 30 minutes earlier to better manage peaks
    • Cooperation between teams to boost efficiency
  • R2 Optimiser taken into operational use to enable efficient operation and continued savings


  • Cost targets met with no reduction in homecare services
  • Staff utilisation (client contact time) increased by 50%
  • Staff are less rushed due to better planning and structural changes which better aligned capacity and demand
  • Eliminated reliance on agency staff

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