AI brings case management back into the heart of home care


Organising the customer calls of even the smallest home care team in an optimal manner is a complex mathematical problem. An experienced planner is capable of making good plans that work, but it’s the harnessing artificial intelligence as a planning tool has allowed for such a vast mathematical problem to be solved in a manner that produces plans that are, on average, 15% better than those created by people.

Getting started with the R2 optimisation software is easy and fast. Just like with a calculator or a phone, no separate projects or project staff is needed. A few days of training for case managers is sufficient. R2 optimisation brings case management right back into the core of homecare, which is where it belongs.

Case managers know the customers and their needs, as well as the service criteria established by the municipality. The only task related to routing and resourcing is the maintenance of the customer data, i.e. adding new customers, removing old ones and editing orders. This has to be done in any case and it only takes about an hour a day.

R2 optimisation starts with the home care service plan. All planned routes are implementable. Sufficient time in the right parts of the shift is set aside for tasks not involving working with the customer. This way routes will be as similar as possible. Up-to-date order data is always used to plan routes, so customers get the time that belongs to them. Employee satisfaction has improved and sick leaves decreased thanks to the more methodical approach.

R2 optimisation has brought case management back into the heart of home care, which is where it belongs. Efficiency has improved significantly. Satisfaction with how home care works has risen. Home care doesn’t have to be crisis prone.

We’ve been involved in implementing several successful projects related to optimising home care and can confidently state that the benefits optimisation brings are clear.

Get in touch with us. We’ll gladly tell you about the results home care optimisation has produced.

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